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Priest director and star talk

PaulBettany.jpgThe director of Priest, Scott Stewart, has been talking about the film adaptation of the comic book and he's joined by Paul Bettany, the lead of the film, and both make the film sound like it's going to be a strong and great fun adaptation, as well as holding true to the source.

Stewart and Bettany were talking at Comic-Con, as everyone seems to be this weekend, and talked about how much they're holding onto the original source material.

Scott Stewart, the director of the film, said:

”I'm really excited about it...It's totally post-apocalyptic and based on the Korean manga. Hyung Min-Woo who created the book, we walked him through the art department and he was so gracious and so excited. It's like a cross between The Searchers and Blade Runner. It's super crazy, industrial theocracy cities and these crazy solar fueled cell motorcycles.”

Now that does sound interesting. Speaking through ShockTillYouDrop he says that he did some work on the script after Cory Goodman was finished with it, and that he...

”...focused on the mythology, expanded the universe. It's not a sexy vampire movie. It's a scary vampire movie. They don't look like people, it's going to be cool.”

Sounds like they really are concentrating on the character and the core of the story rather than trying to do a Hollywood and make it something much more palatable to that mainstream demographic that Hollywood seem to be intent on targeting with every single film they make.

Paul Bettany, who will be playing the lead in the film, spoke about his character and the feel for the film saying that he's a...

”...vampire slaying priest and it's very western. Hopefully very chic and exciting.”

He also gave us some reassuring words on how they're going to be presenting the creatures in the film:

”Our vampires are really grisly. Stakes don't quite do the trick.”

Putting all this together it sounds as if they really are trying to be true to the mythology and the source material, and look set to try and deliver something a little more unique and interesting.



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