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Producer talks The Last Airbender trilogy

TheLastAirbender.jpgIt looks like the desire is most definitely there for a trilogy from Avatar series beginning with The Last Airbender, and if the producer is really clued into the plans from the studio it would look the trilogy is flying ahead.

Already it would seem that M. Night Shyamalan is writing the second outline and it looks like they're going to go back to back, sharing the productions, and delivering the three films over six years.

That seems like a might plan indeed, but a good one to keep the excitement going on the franchise. According to Frank Marshall, the producer of the films, although M. Night Shyamalan is hard at work on The Last Airbender he's started on the second film.

"We’re shooting them one at a time, because they’re being written one at a time...Night is now working on the script for the second movie, but he hasn’t had time to write the second or third ones. He’s looking at the arc of all three...We’re not waiting. There just isn’t enough time. Night will finish this movie, then the script and then we’ll prepare for the next one. I think it’ll probably happen over six years."

That's an aggressive schedule, but definitely a positive one. I think they've got the right idea by continually moving from one film to the next and making sure that the audience are retained between each as well as everything used on the film. As Marshall says on Starlog through LastAirbenderFilm and ComicBookMovies:

"One of the things we’ll be doing is using the sets, ships and elements for each different nation in this film and incorporating them into movies two and three."

He also talks about a little about the tone of the film, and addresses something that I thought might be a problem for them trying to address the balance between the messages underlying the story and the intended audience demographic.

See if you can work out which way it's going to go by what M. Night Shyamalan himself has to say:

"THE LAST AIRBENDER will be a very entertaining movie, a really fun summer film...But underneath that, it’s serious and talks about genocide, balance, our connection to the planet and all those things that interest me if you’ve seen the other movies that I’ve made. It felt like an important film."

I think the blend between the two is really going to work, it's just the question of whether Shyamalan can turn around a film that pleases the audience too.



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