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[REC] 2 trailer online

Rec2.jpgThe trailer for [REC]2, or Rec 2, or whatever you want to call it has arrived online and it's rather underwhelming as we've seen most of the footage released already. I had thought that they might just hold back some footage for the trailer and leak a little for the teaser, or use completely different footage, not so.

Still, the trailer looks good fun, and appears to be a kind of first person shooter mixed with the original [REC] idea. Fun, but are we going to see anything new instead of just more of the same.

I've watched [REC] but I've not bothered watching Quarantine, you see I can read subtitles while watching a film and don't need the entire thing remade scene for scene just to put it in my native language. [REC] was a good film and a great idea, and it played out well leaving tons of room for a sequel, but I wonder if they have actually managed to get a sequel out of [REC]2.

Looking at the trailer I'm not so sure if they have, but I'm confident that the original makers have something special for us.

You can see the previous teasers here and here on Filmstalker, but here's the trailer right here, even if it does look like the two teasers slapped together.



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