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Resident Evil 4 the final chapter confirmed

ResidentEvilExtinction.jpgWe already heard that plans were afoot for a fourth (or fifth if you count the CGI film Resident Evil: Degeneration) and where the film will take place, that special effects teams have been hired and the script is being written, but nothing concrete.

Today more rumours are out suggesting that the film might be hitting cinemas at the end of next year, and that the fourth, or fifth, film in the series has a title, Resident Evil: Afterlife.

It's rumour at the moment, and there's still uncertainty as to whether Paul W.S. Anderson will direct or not, and even if Milla Jovovich will star, but we can safely say this, Anderson has surely written the final instalment and I'm sure Jovovich is going to be one of the leads in the film, why wouldn't she?

There's not much more in the rumour than that, although they do talk about the ending of the last film and the setting pointing towards Japan. However the last we heard on the project was that they were considering moving the film to Alaska for the last instalment.

The story comes from Bloody Disgusting, but from one of the commenters on the post you get directed to a YouTube video of poor Milla Jovovich being stalked by "reporters" as she tries to get to her car, looking nervous and a little uneasy but being a star and playing along, she gets asked a bunch of irrelevant and personal questions until we get to the important one.

At about 1m 25s you get to hear that she's filming Resident Evil 4 (that must mean they're ignoring the CGI films in the numbering) at the end of the year, and that definitely means she's in it. Here's your proof.

So Resident Evil 4, the end of the year, the final one, and with Jovovich. More as it happens.



The news isn't quite so interesting as the hugely invasive reporters. I knew it was bad but I guess I didn't realise quite how bad.

I'm amazed more starts don't explode and whack those folk.

She does well to stay polite and professional, it's not like she (AFAIK) has sought that much publicity in her career.

Grr, stars obviously, not starts!

I've never found any of the Resident Evil films enjoyable or even any good, and I doubt this one will be any better.

Ach I have to admit to enjoying them from a purely entertainment value, the first hinted at some strong connections with the game and was not too badly done.

Yeah Tony, I'd struggle not to have one of them by the throat, although at one point she does ask them just to step back a little and I was amazed they all did.


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