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Resident Evil: Afterlife confirms locations

ResidentEvilExtinction.jpgThe news that Resident Evil: Afterlife is officially on isn't all the news to be had about this film, after all Milla Jovovich herself said that the film was happening in the previous story, live on video.

No, the real story is where the film is taking place. Early rumour had something mentioning Alaska, and then the previous film suggested Tokyo, so where's it going to go?

The answer is both. The announcement today is that Resident Evil: Afterlife is going ahead and will film in both Tokyo and Alaska, and that would suggest that it kicks off in Alaska where the previous film ended, probably picking up right where the last one left off and taking us on the very last leg of the journey to Alaska.

The announcement comes from Production Weekly through Coming Soon and Empire, although it's only Empire that has the bit about the locations, so I'm not entirely sure where this came from. Still, it makes sense and fits with the previous stories for Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Seems like this could be interesting, although I'm really not sure how zombies manage in the extreme cold, wouldn't bits just break off since they have no blood flow?



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