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Update: Saw VI red band clip, VII announced

SawVI.jpgI just posted the teaser trailer for the new film in the slightly tired franchise that promises never to die, just like Jigsaw himself, and it really didn't contain any footage at all.

Well I can change that as we see that carousel trap brought to life in a rather red band clip that explains the set-up, and boy does it look good. Could this be a return to form for the series? Has it really got more life left in it?

It looks like the series has plenty life in it as Variety reports that the seventh is set to move forward with David Hackl directing, he directed the fifth, and Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are back from the last three films to write this next one. Here's to Saw VII, in the meantime let's look at Saw VI.

Unfortunately there's no embed in the link, and there's not much to say about it other than it looks pretty tense stuff and I love the tagline from Jigsaw:

"Two can live, four will die"

Might even be a tagline for the franchise itself.

Update: Please note that this clip was intended for a limited audience at Comic-Con who were all guaranteed to be of age. This clip hasn't been approved by the MPAA (or for that matter any other country's certification board) or Lionsgate. One of their publicists very nicely asked if we would remove it if we're hosting it because Lionsgate want to release the approved version of the clip very soon.

Well I'm not hosting it, but JoBlo still are. So feel free to head over there. Remember though that it's not approved by Lionsgate so it may not accurately represent the final film, and also it is obviously age restricted and if you're shocked or surprised you have been warned and it's not their fault. Or mine!

You can see the clip over at JoBlo, and you can see the teaser trailer right here on Filmstalker.

P.S. Let me just say thanks to Lionsgate and the publicist for sending a really nice email and request that treated me like an adult and engaged me rather then the usual lawyer threatening emails. Very well done, and you guys deserve a positive mention for that.



Firstly, I chuckled at your comment about the tag line Richard. Secondally I don't mind any of the Saw films. The first one creeped me out the most, but now I just take them for what they are and hopefully this one will be more interesting... and creepy.

Cheers Billy, I was rather chuffed with it myself!

I like them too, but some have been very formulaic and relied too much on the traps rather than building the story around them, and that's something I think really makes the good ones stand out from the rest.


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