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Saw VI teaser trailer online

SawVI.jpgThere's a teaser trailer for Saw VI online, although it doesn't actually have much to it, it does have a few well hidden clips and the promise of a Halloween 2009 release.

This is more a CGI showcasing of a few small clips, but the clips are there none the less, and a simple few lines of text to set-up the event of Saw VI.

During the trailer you see that for Saw VI it's all about the six, there will be six chances, six lessons, six choices, all because it's the sixth Saw film. Get it?

All you can really say about the teaser trailer for Saw VI is that the sound is good and the CGI looks nice and dark. If you can pick anything out of that footage believe me, you're more than welcome to and tell us what you see.

This one is written by The Feast duo of Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton and directed by Kevin Greutert. Tobin Bell is back, amazingly, as is Shawnee Smith.

Here's the teaser for your appetite whetting.



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