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Scottish travelling outdoor Film Festival

TildaSwinton.jpgScotland is to gain a new Film Festival, a travelling one that is set to visit some great Scottish locations and show some wonderful films.

Fancy seeing Akira Kurosawa’s Throne Of Blood, a film inspired by Macbeth, actually shown in Cawdor? How about Peter Watkins’ film Culloden shown on Culloden moor? Well Tilda Swinton and Mark Cousins are going to make that happen with their next new Film Festival.

You'll remember that last year Tilda Swinton and Mark Cousins ran The Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams Film Festival in Nairn, a small Scottish Film Festival that boasted free entry for cakes. It was rather successful, and this looks to be an exciting extension of the idea.

According to ScreenDaily there are a couple of other titles that are known about so far, particularly as the focus will be on road movies – get it?

Preston Sturges’ Sullivan’s Travels (the opening film), Fridrik Thor Fridriksson’s Cold Fever and Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s A Canterbury Tale

They also have a comment from Mark Cousins about the Festival, and the reasons behind it, similar to the reasons they ran last year's Festival.

”It will have the same values as last year...There will be a combination of an international range of films with affordable prices and a community (feel) and warmth. We feel that the multiplex experience is a bit cold and under-powered and under-passionate. We want to go the other way.”

The Festival, called The Pilgrimage, is travelling from August the 1st and will be touring with a thirty-seven tonne cinema featuring some eighty seats, known as The Screen Machine, and will move along the east cost of Scotland visiting some remote communities and ending once again in Nairn on August the 9th.

Much as it's aimed at communities and bringing affordable cinema to them, I would love to head up to see one of their screenings at Cawdor or on Culloden moor (I was born in Inverness), so if any of the organisers are reading, I'd happily race up for one film!

I'd recommend heading out to see the Film Festival if it's heading hear you. You can read more about it over at EventScotland, and if anyone can find a complete listing of when, where and what they're showing let me know and I'll write it all up.

Update: Thanks to Sandy in the comments we have the full schedule from the official site:

Sat 1
19:30: Sullivan's Travels
21:30: Burden of Dreams
Sun 2
10:00: Bag of Rice

Sun 2
18:30: Brigadoon
21:00: Cold Fever
Mon 3
10:00: The Adventures of Goopy and Bagha

Fort Augustus
Mon 3
18:30: A Canterbury Tale
21:00: Au hasard Balthazar
Tue 4
10:00: Bag of Rice

Tue 4
18:30: Follow the Master
21:00: Night of the Hunter

Wed 5
13:00: Culloden

Wed 5
18:30: Footlight Parade
Wed 5
21:00: Throne of Blood
Thur 6
10:00: M. Hulot's Holiday

Thur 6
21:00: Sullivan's Travels
Fri 7
11:00: Bag of Rice
Fri 7
14:00: Burden of Dreams
Fri 7
17:00: Brigadoon
Fri 7
19:30: Cold Fever
Sat 8
11:00: The Adventures of Goopy and Bagha
Sat 8
14:00: A Canterbury Tale
Sat 8
17:00: Au hasard Balthazar
Sat 8
19:30: Night of the Hunter
Sun 9
11:00: M. Hulot's Holiday
Sun 9
14:00: Follow the Master
Sun 9
17:00: Footlight Parade



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