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Shane Meadows' horror film

ShaneMeadows.jpgAfter watching Le Donk at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009 it surprised me to remember that he's been talking about doing a horror film.

So after films link Le Donk, Dead Man’s Shoes and This Is England, he's still talking about making a horror film, Beware the Devil, a film that's going to be one of his “bigger ones”.

Here's what Shane Meadows had to say about the film and why he's just managing to talk about it now:

”Yeah, I’ve got the rights sorted now, so it’s not such a hidden thing...It’s based on a book of the same name, based on the life of a guy who, by getting involved with ouija boards and the occult by trying to disprove it, trying to take the piss out of it, got possessed, had to be exorcised, and later became an exorcist himself. The guy it happened to has died, but his son’s a novelist, and he helped him turn it into a book before he passed away, and now I’m working with him to turn it into a film.”

It sounds an interesting idea, and an even more interesting book (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

The hints coming from Meadows through the Empire interview through Twitch is that this will have a bigger budget than he's been used to, and will be pretty damned scary. Meadows is hardly taking things easy and sticking to what he knows.

Or is he? In the interview he also reveals that he's making another Le Donk, but it won't be a musical one, kind of like a British Bubba Ho-tep I guess!

”Yeah, the big news is that we’re already thinking about doing another Le Donk. It’ll be another ‘Le Donk And...’, something completely not music based. We’ve come up with a few ideas, and we might just go straight back and do another one, because we had such a laugh doing this one. Not like a sequel in terms of trying to be like the other one, but he’s got his missus and his kid’s a bit older, and a whole different set of events. So maybe before I do this next big film, might just go out, grab five days somewhere and knock another out so we can come back (to Edinburgh) next year.”

I'd love to see another Le Donk at the Festival, but much as I'd like to, I have to say I'm fascinated by the idea of Shane Meadows making a seriously tough horror film, aren't you?



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