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Sin Nombre international trailer online

SinNombre.jpgAn international trailer for Sin Nombre, a cracking film from this year's Edinburgh International Film Festival, has arrived online and it has a great brooding feel to it.

The film tells the story of two teenagers who try to escape their lives in Mexico and flee on the top of a train which is bound for America. The boy is escaping the gangland life he is part of along with the young twelve year old he newly recruited, while the girl is escaping poverty and heading in search of her father.

The trailer does look superb, and I'm so annoyed I missed the film at the festival, still I'm glad it's looking forward to a release date in the UK of the 14th of August and has already been seen in Mexico and Israel (oh no, I've mentioned the name, Loach will be on me), and is looking forward to the Czech Republic and Sweden.

From the accounts I've heard, and a few I trust, Sin Nombre is very strong and worth seeing. Here's the trailer:



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