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Smurfs film plot revealed

Smurf.jpgI find the idea of a Smurfs film hilarious. Not in the I want to watch it way, but in the what is Hollywood going to dredge up next kind of way. I know that the film will appeal to children, but the real question is how many are still into the Smurfs?

Well the film is going ahead and the idea for bringing the Smurfs into the story has arrived online, and it's certainly nothing too surprising or original and it's definitely going to be aimed at the kids.

So here's the idea. A brother and sister, the brother being fifteen and the sister not even hitting her teenage years yet, both fighting, are going to be brought together when they discover Clumsy Smurf and try to help him find his way home.

Yippee. Well I guess it's better than the board game films. Isn't it? Seriously though, would your kids know what The Smurfs are? Would they be interested?

Here's the word from Entertainment Weekly through Latino Review:

SOPHIE: A pre-teen girl who possesses enormous smarts and great imagination, but who is socially and physically clumsy. She discovers that the doll her dad brought home from Belgium is actually a living, breathing Smurf. And not just any Smurf -- Clumsy Smurf! Sophie tries to get her mom and dad to embrace Clumsy as a member of the family, but ultimately realizes what he really wants is to reunite with his fellow Smurfs.

SAM: Sophie's 15-year-old brother. He's a good kid, but has a tendency to be difficult and withdrawn. He gets involved in helping Clumsy return home and, as a result, bonds with his sister.

That's basically your film. Do we really need a scriptwriter on this? Why not pull something out from the films that have already been done and do a search and replace on the creature type and viola, there's your script?



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