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Soderbergh wants Limey sequel?

StevenSoderbergh.jpgFresh from the news that Steven Soderbergh will no longer be involved in Moneyball, comes news that he may want to make a sequel to one of his earlier films.

Soderbergh's wife says he wants to make a follow up to The Limey.

I'll qualify everything I'm about to say, with the news that I have never seen The Limey. One of those that got away I suppose. The film Steven Soderbergh made just before Erin Brockovich, it stars Terence Stamp as a dangerous man who goes to Los Angeles to find his daughter's killer.

While guesting on a podcast, Soderbergh's wife stated that he wanted to do a sequel. Jules Asner was talking on Adam Carolla's podcast, through /Film.

He wants to do a sequel to The Limey, and Terence Stamp wants to do it. Terence and Michael Keaton.

There seems to be confusion over whether that is meant to be Michael Caine. But it's hard to tell whilst listening. Even with Moneyball no longer a possibility, Soderbergh still has Cleo on the go. The musical version of Cleopatra's story, starring Catherine Zeta Jones. That does leave a few projects free that he could work on though.

Who out there has seen The Limey? Do you think a sequel would be a good idea?



The Limey is a great movie. Terrence Stamp is awesome as the main character. I'd watch a sequel in a heartbeat if it was as good as the first. I'd tell you more but I don't want to spoil the first time experience. Seriously, check it out.


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