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Stalked: Another 9 clip, The Host 2, Repo prequel and more

There's another extended clip for the film 9 online, and it features the characters fighting another strange creature or two…

The Host 2 appears to be pitched at a higher level than we first thought as budget news comes through…

There are plans for a prequel to Repo! The Genetic Opera, and much more from Bousman…

From Comic-Con there's another extended clip for the film 9 that's arrived online and it still looks great, even if it's another sequence of the dolls defending themselves from another creature with lots of fumbling, falling over, and innovative use of left over human objects and machinery.

Despite that it still hasn't dampened my desire to see the film. Great cast, hugely innovative and great looking.

The news comes through Twitch that the sequel to the excellent Gwoemul aka The Host (Filmstalker review) is heading closer to a reality as funding has arrived from the Singapore production company of Kelvin Tong's Boku Films. The funding is rather large too, at US $5 million you can see that this sequel isn't just a cheap cashing in, it looks like they'll be spending some cash and they're definitely taking their time on it. The good news is though that it's still going ahead.

Darren Lynn Bousman has been talking about his upcoming projects, and amongst them are Abattoir and Akula, which we know about, Mother's Day, and original horror, and a prequel to Repo! The Genetic Opera. Speaking through Bloody Disgusting he says:

"I am working on an original horror film with Scott Miliam which is pretty sick…Hopefully Repo2…

…Terrance [Zdunich] and I are working on something, that if we are able to pull off, would be amazing... let's just say that there is no way Repo is going away anytime soon…We have a lot in store, including new content. New music. And the hope is still there for a prequel. I can say that a bunch of new merchandise is now online - as well as Action figures in the works!"

Not so keen on the merchandising, but could you be interested in another Repo?



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