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Stalked: Black Panther cast, Black Swan casting, Keaton in Toy Story 3

A number of casting titbits have arrived today for a couple of films that are all worth taking notice of.

There's the rumour that the Black Panther actor may have been found when once he was Lost…

Natalie Portman's nemesis in Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan may have been found…

Finally, in this Stalked edition, Michael Keaton has been confirmed for Toy Story 3...

First up is the rumour that perhaps The Black Panther has finally been found, and if you ask me this is a great choice, however all we know so far is that he's in talks for the role. Speaking to MTV in a video that's not available to their non-American audience, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje says that he's been talking to Marvel about playing The Black Panther character. The actor, most known for his Lost role, is a cracking choice if you ask me.

Next up from The Hollywood Reporter is the story that Mila Kunis is in discussions to play the character to battle Natalie Portman, although not in the superhero sense, in Darren Aronofsky's film Black Swan. The film tells the story of a talented ballerina, played by Portman, who is tormented by a rival that might just be part of her own imagination.

Lee Unkrich., director of Toy Story 3, has confirmed previous rumours that Michael Keaton will be starring in the film, or at least voicing a character. While Coming Soon tells us that John Lasseter also reveals that all the characters will return for this third outing.

Confirmation arrives, with credit to the internet site that first broke the rumour, through Variety that Castlevania is resurrected with James Wan directing and Ian Jeffers writing. You can see the previous story here.



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