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Stalked: Columbus Circle, The Low Dweller, The Green Hornet, Michael Moore

Beau Bridges joins Columbus Circle...

Director for DiCaprio's The Low Dweller...

Cameron Diaz in The Green Hornet?...

Michael Moore titles financial documentary...

Beau Bridges has joined Columbus Circle which follows a reclusive heiress named Abigail and played by Selma Blair, who hasn't left her upscale Manhattan apartment building in nearly two decades. However she does have contact with two people, the building's concierge played by Kevin Pollak, who writes notes to, and her longtime friend Dr. Raymond Fontaine played by Bridges.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the plot sees Abigail facing up to real life when a detective played by Giovanni Ribisi arrives to investigate a murder next door and a new couple move in, played by Amy Smart and Jason Lee. Sounds an interesting story.

Director Rupert Sanders, who interestingly is assigned to direct The Wild Geese (is that the remake?), is in negotiations to direct The Low Dweller, a story about a man who gets out of hospital only to be chased by a strange figure from his past. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Apparently Seth Rogen has managed to secure the interest of Cameron Diaz to play the lead female role in the new version of The Green Hornet. According to those pesky sources in Hollywood Insider through Hollywood Insider she's considering the role.

Michael Moore has named his upcoming documentary set to attack the financial companies of America for the financial crisis. According to Variety the title is Capitalism: A Love Story

I just hope this doesn't turn into a witch hunt and a distraction like it has in the UK, attack one figurehead and destroy them in the name of hiding the failing of the government and how they set up and encouraged the whole over-lending situation anyway.



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