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Stalked: Jackson Horror, Legion sequels, Lohan in Machete, Burton's next

Some more titbits coming out of Comic-Con this year that don't really have enough to warrant their own articles, but you might find worth noting.

Peter Jackson is set to return to horror during The Hobbit…

Two leading actors are signed up for Legion sequels…

Lindsay Lohan has a role in Machete if she wants it…

Tim Burton reveals Dark Shadows is next for him...

Speaking at the District 9 Comic-Con panel through JoBlo, Peter Jackson revealed that he was planning to return to the world of horror films while he's producing The Hobbit. There was nothing more to be revealed other than the crowd went crazy when he said it, but then watching the footage the audiences tended to applaud the opening of an envelope!

Unsurprisingly there's news today that lead characters for a film which has franchise potential have been signed for a sequel, something that is standard practice for such film contracts these days. ShockTillYouDrop has the news that Paul Bettany and Adrianne Palicki are signed up for two sequels for the upcoming Legion, that would make it the standard trilogy contract then.

Robert Rodriguez has revealed that he has a role in Machete for Lindsay Lohan should she want it, I wonder if that's a role where she gets hacked to bits, or plays a bad actress who likes to party too much? He also revealed to MTV through The Playlist that Michelle Rodriguez is confirmed for the film and wouldn't comment on the Robert DeNiro rumour.

Tim Burton confirmed that his next film is the adaptation of the long running Dark Shadows show which featured all the usual suspects of gothic horror from vampires to werewolves and it seems Johnny Depp will star. Bloody Disgusting had the news.



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