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Stalked: Mel Gibson, Danny Huston, Natalie Portman, Jason Statham

Mel Gibson is joining Jodie Foster in The Beaver.

Danny Huston is joining Robin Hood.

Natalie Portman is definitely in Thor.

And in news we brought you earlier, Jason Statham looks like being in Blitz.

Last we heard on The Beaver, Jodie Foster was directing with Jim Carrey perhaps starring. Now Mel Gibson has agreed to star instead, with Foster still directing. The script has been around for a while, with Steve Carell originally wanting to star. It tells the story of a man whose constant companion is a beaver hand puppet. Jodie Foster will also play Gibson's wife. The two have previously worked together on Maverick. The news is from Jo Blo.

Danny Huston has joined the cast of Ridley Scott's Robin Hood film. Huston will play King Richard, Russell Crowe is playing Robin Hood as we know. I'm excited to see what title we actually get...The news is from The Hollywood Reporter.

Natalie Portman has been confirmed as starring in Thor. It was March when we first heard that she might be joining the cast. And now IESB say she will play Jane Foster. Who was apparently Thor's love interest in the comic books.

The news that Jason Statham is close to agreeing to star in Blitz seems to be everywhere today. It was also on Filmstalker earlier this month! A cop killing serial killer is on the loose, and Statham will play one of the police trying to track him down. Read more details in the story here.



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