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Stalked: Motherhood, Furry Vengeance, Dale vs. Evil, Spider-Man 4

Motherhood starring Uma Thurman, Minnie Driver and Anthony Edwards...

Brooke Shields is joining live-action family comedy "Furry Vengeance with Dick Van Dyke...

Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk are starring in horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil...

Spider-Man 4 gets a rewrite...

Motherhood is set to get a distribution deal according to The Hollywood Reporter. The comedy stars Uma Thurman, Minnie Driver and Anthony Edwards. It tells the story of a mother, played by Thurman, who is racing through one day in her life preparing for her daughter's sixth birthday. Edwards is her husband and Driver her best friend.

Brooke Shields is set to return to film with Dick Van Dyke in a comedy called Furry Vengeance according to The Hollywood Reporter. Brendan Fraser, Ken Jeong and Samantha Bee are also starring in this film about a real estate developer who struggles with a band of raccoons when...oh I'm stopping now to save us all.

Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk are starring in a horror comedy called Tucker and Dale vs. Evil directed by Eli Craig according to The Hollywood Reporter. Labine stars as Dale alongside Tudyk as Tucker, two hillbillies mistakenly accused of being psycho killers by a group of college kids camping at the same lake.

Gary Ross is re-writing Spider-Man 4 according to The Hollywood Reporter. You know, rewrites like every other film goes through, just about every other film written ever. What is interesting is that Ross is also writing the Lance Armstrong biographical film.



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