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Star Trek Blu-ray has missing plot

StarTrek_Poster.jpgFeel like anything was missing from Star Trek (Filmstalker review)? I certainly did, and I've talked about it before, there felt like there was a lot of plot and character development missing, not the bits forced into the middle of the action sequences because that's really the only place the fitted.

Now though we're going to get to have a glimpse of the Klingon story line that was abandoned during the film, a story line that was designed to make the Romulan bad guy much, much more evil and explain a bit better his long wait for Spock and his back story.

There are plenty of extras on the Blu-ray and DVD offerings, in fact it seems that the DVD will be two discs and the Blu-ray some three discs, and that means way more content than the DVD, a whole extra Blu-ray disc's worth, hopefully.

According to the story from Video Business through Coming Soon tells us that:

Among the other extras on the high-end versions are plot-based deleted scenes, such as a cut scene with a baby Spock, ears and all. Another cut includes an abandoned story line with Nero and a look at Abrams' version of the warrior Klingons.

Fantastic, so we might just get to see some of that story line, I'm not sure how much was filmed but here's hoping that we get to see something of a few early scenes.

Apparently the original idea was that when the Romulans were busy destroying the Federation space ship at the beginning they were caught by Klingons and held for a very long time, tortured and interrogated about how they got there, what they used, their technology and so on.

The idea is that during the time he reflected, sacrificed and never gave in, biding his time until Spock prime was due to arrive. Character and plot building all the way.

I'd be really interested to see these scenes, much more so than the special extras that have been designed for the Blu-ray that are gimmicky as anything. Things like using a camera to take a shot of the packaging which will show something cool on screen, play a game shooting bad guys on the Enterprise, tour the ship, receive live updates from NASA, and so on.

However for me it's to see what else there is about the Klingon story line, and what else there is plot wise that we were missing out on. Would it have made the film better or worse? We'll probably never know because there's no real indication yet of how much has been filmed, but I believe it was very little.



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