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Steven Seagal in Machete?

StevenSeagal.jpgI can hardly believe this is true, but Machete is turning into another exciting ensemble film following on from others such as The Expendables, and the latest name to be rumoured to be joining the cast is Steven Seagal. Oh yes, that's what I thought.

We know that Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez are already cast, and we're hearing names from Lindsay Lohan to Robert DeNiro being attached too, so Seagal just adds a whole different level of excitement.

The story is an interesting read, as originally the rumour came out that Steven Seagal was in discussions for a role in the film. The guys at Moviehole got in touch with Seagal's representatives and had a quick enquiry into whether this was true or not, they came back saying that they had no idea about it and had never been discussed.

Come a few days later and they called Moviehole back and told them that they now had been talking about it and Steven Seagal may well join Machete.

So there are a number of things here, maybe the representatives were keeping things quiet and waiting for official confirmation, or they were genuinely uncertain and Robert Rodriguez and his production have called them up since, or the whole rumour itself was made up but put the brilliant idea into everyone's heads to get the deal going.

Who knows, it's something that's going to come out over time, probably after the film is made, but the most important thing here is the tone that Seagal brings to the film, and in fact I think it's a tone that really will fit well. A little tongue in cheek, a big homage to days gone by, and some eighties action with attitude, I love that idea, bring him on.



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