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Straw Dogs gains lead protagonist

AlexanderSkarsgard.jpgI still find it hard to believe that they're remaking Straw Dogs, but then part of me shouldn't find that surprising at all since Hollywood is busy eating itself over what it can remake next.

So Straw Dogs is on the remake path for sure. We had heard that Sam Peckinpah's thriller starring Dustin Hoffman and Susan George and that infamous scene was getting a remake, and that the lead had been chosen, James Marsden, well now the lead bad guy has been cast.

Part of me still can't figure out why they would want to remake Straw Dogs, apart from it was such a good one and it gathered a big audience, particularly over time. However that was down to the fact that such a great director was at the helm, it was such a powerful story, and the leads had taken roles which didn't quite fit with their career.

There's something there about remaking the film in an era where more shocking scenes and depraved acts could be shown on film and that rape scene, so controversial at the time, could be heightened and perhaps added to with other, more brutal scenes.

Yet I don't think that's the direction this film will be taking, or at least I hope it's not. For turning it into a film full of envelope pushing brutal scenes will deliver nothing more than a shock horror film, but if they take the time to make it something real, and perhaps look at the brutality of films such as Irréversible, then they could have something. We surely won't see it banned though, not in this day and age.

With Rod Lurie directing I think we may see something more intelligent, and certainly James Marsden is a good, strong lead for the film who isn't too big a star, and this turn of role might also seem a little surprising for his career, like Dustin Hoffman's.

So who's going to play the lead of the villagers who turns against the newly arrived couple, so much so that they begin to threaten them mentally and physically as events escalate? Well it's the growing talents of Alexander Skarsgård, according to The Hollywood Reporter, an actor who isn't too far away form that character in the True Blood television series.

I'm still on the fence about this whole remake, but Rod Lurie is a good directorial choice and suggests that they aren't going for the whole shock horror treatment, and perhaps they're really trying to do something intelligent with the film.



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