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Tarantino talks soundtracks

QuentinTarantino.jpgHere's a great little piece for all those Quentin Tarantino fans out there, he's done an audiocast with the composer and film music historian Robert Ziegler where they discuss the music that has appeared in Tarantino's films.

It's a two piece radio interview with the first half already online, although it's set to be removed by this weekend so get to it fast, and this Saturday we'll hear the second part, which itself will be online for a further week.

The short interview with Quentin Tarantino features some of his favourite and now iconic tracks that he's used in the films as he talks about why he chose them and what they mean to both him, and the characters in the films.

He's not alone though, and although the set-up sounds incredibly cheesy at times, there are some nice reveals and moments to be had. We hear from his own musical supervisors that he's used on his films to such stars as Samuel L. Jackson and Mary Wilson of the Supremes.

I really enjoyed the piece and I'm looking forward to the second half, in the meantime I'd direct you to the BBC site so you can listen to it before it disappears.



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