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The Cottage brings more horror

PaulAndrewWilliams.jpgPaul Andrew Williams, the writer and director of The Cottage and London to Brighton and the story creator for Tom Shankland's The Children, is to tackle non-comedy horror for himself, not just creating the story.

Cherry Tree Lane is the name of the film that will see Williams embrace the horror genre totally, without the comedy element, and it sounds like a hell of a film.

Paul Andrew Williams' Cherry Tree Lane tells the story of a couple who are being terrorised in their own home by a gang of youths who are trying to get hold of their son. They have to fight back and protect themselves, their son and their home.

Speaking about the film through ScreenDaily and ShockTillYouDrop Williams describes it in his own words:

”Cherry Tree Lane is tense, harrowing and even disturbing at times, and how these elements are handled, dramatically and cinematically will determine the final style of the film”

Paul Andrew Williams really came to the fore with London to Brighton and followed that up with the very enjoyable, scary and well filmed The Cottage (Filmstalker review), and provided the idea for The Children (Filmstalker review) which was another good horror film but without the comedy. Perhaps that's what gave him the idea to move to complete horror and drop the comedy.

I think this move has huge potential considering how well the writer/director has been doing in just his last two films, and how they, and his idea for The Children, have been moving towards all out horror. I'm looking forward to Cherry Tree Lane.



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