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The Echo director on new film

TheEcho.jpgYam Laranas wrote and directed the excellent Sigaw (Echo) (Filmstalker review) and was quickly recognised as a director with lots of talent for filming dark, tense, intelligent stories and bringing them superbly to the big screen. So he was immediately picked up for the American remake of his own film.

That's complete and looking for worldwide distribution. It's already been seen in South Korea and is set for a Russian release on the 5th of November, but it's still looking for a deal or two yet. However that hasn't stopped the director moving onto his next project, Patient X.

The Filipino writer/director/cinematographer has just revealed that he has a new project that is set to start filming in a matter of weeks. It looks like he's returning home for this one and not staying in Hollywood for the moment, as it's based on a Filipino legend of a creature called the Aswang.

The Aswang is from Filipino folklore and is an evil vampire like creature that can be dated back to the 16th century when Spanish colonisers wrote about how feared it was. It has different traits attached to it for different regions, but the main points seem to be that it is like a vampire in many ways, also has features of a witch, and is predominantly female. Oh, and did I mention that it likes to eat the bodies of the dead?

You can read more about the creature over at Wikipedia, or perhaps some of our Filipino readers would like to tell us their knowledge of the legend?

Twitch tells us that Laranas' view in the film, which is running with the working title of Patient X, will focus on a Aswang that eats the entrails of its victims and that it promises to be a bloody film with plenty of practical effects.

From having seen Yam Laranas' Sigaw I would say that it's a must to see this film when it comes out, and if you get the chance to see Sigaw or The Echo, grab it, it's worth it.



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