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The Green Hornet effects revealed

TheGreenHornet.jpgWhat I really love about the reveal of The Green Hornet car is that it seems to have obscured the real talk about the film, and it's talk directly from Michael Gondry about his plans for Kato and his special ability.

It seems that they are going to get a martial artist for the role of Kato after all and that they are trying to honour Bruce Lee's portrayal of the character. More than that the character is going to have a superpower, and one that has meant Gondry has had to create a new digital effect.

The full car reveal happened at the Comic-Con, and we saw The Green Hornet's Black Beauty in all it's stunning twin machine gun glory. You can see the reveal below:

The video comes through Autoblog, MTV and Auto-Focus, as do the collection of photos of Seth Rogen around the car and the car itself.

You can also see Seth Rogen talk a little about the film, Michael Gondry and the fight scenes below through the L.A. Times, but that's not the most interesting bit, keep going for more.

Right, the most interesting bit is when they managed to corner Gondry and start talking about The Green Hornet, and in the video below he reveals some very interesting things:

Kato will be a martial artist, this could well quash the concern over the casting call that was looking for anyone to play the character, martial artist or not. That's one good thing, and he goes on to say that they must make sure Kato lives up to the performance that Bruce Lee gave.

He also talked about the fight scenes and revealed that Kato will have a superpower, the power to be able to slow down time and act faster than his opponent, Gondry has already been working on creating digital effects that will produce just that, show slow motion and fast motion all in one frame.

Sounds exciting, and here's the man talking about it.

So the car is unveiled, but much more importantly Kato will be a martial artist and will have control over time when he's fighting. Quite a change from the original but it does sound intriguing doesn't it?

If you want some superb shots of The Green Hornet car, head over to that Autoblog link, and here's the best shot of the lot, it's gorgeous.



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