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The Other Man trailer online

LiamNeeson.jpgA trailer has arrived for the 2008 film from Liam Neesom The Other Man which is still awaiting worldwide release. It stars Antonio Banderas and Laura Linney, and it gave me a little surprise, not least that I haven't seen a trailer for it yet.

Reading the blurb I thought it would be typical run of the mill stuff. Man discovers wife having an affair and goes to find out who the guy is. However the trailer delivers something rather different, something a little darker and tougher, and I like it.

What I can't understand is why this film is only sporting a limited USA release and no UK release. It already has seen a release in France and Greece, and that was just a few months ago, and is set for Portugal, Netherlands and Belgium in September with the USA tagging on the end.

The Other Man is adapted and directed by Richard Eyre, the director who brought us Notes on a Scandal and Iris, both strong films, so combined with the cast there's a fair amount to expect from the film. However with two hundred and fifty votes, the IMDB rating is merely sitting at 6.3.

I don't judge my film watching experiences on those scores, but they are a helpful indicator some times, and yet the trailer makes it look rather strong and a very interesting look into the mind of a man possessed by a raging jealousy.

Here's a good write up of the blurb:

...discovers that his wife Lisa (Laura Linney) has been receiving emails and mobile messages from Ralph (Antonio Banderas), a man he never knew existed. Peter's obsession with this unknown rival escalates and, against the advice of his daughter Abigail (Romola Garai), a hurt and vengeful Peter flies to Milan to seek out the mysterious Ralph and the truth about his relationship with Lisa.

The trailer also adds in the twist that the wife has gone missing, and it might be that neither man knows where she's gone.

Here's the trailer at Apple Trailers [P:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p] with high definition, and it's worth having a look at, I'm not sure if it's been released before, I certainly haven't caught it until now. It's also here below:

Why doesn't it have a decent US release or any UK release?



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