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Thurman in Stolen Angels true story

UmaThurman.jpgUma Thurman is set to star in another smaller, independent and message filled drama called Girl Soldier which is based on Kathy Cook's book Stolen Angels (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which itself is based on real events.

Not only that but she's playing a Nun, no don't start thinking it's a Nun with a sword or anything, this looks pretty serious stuff that goes on to explore issues of children abducted to be made into soldiers or sex slaves.

The story follows the events in a boarding school caught in the middle of the Uganda\Sudan wars where the schoolgirls were kidnapped by the rebels in order to turn them into soldiers and sex slaves, but a teacher at the school, Sister Caroline, headed out after the rebels and persuaded them to return some 110 girls right there and then.

After the events she managed to rally the parents, the government, the United Nations and the Pope himself to build up pressure on the rebels to hand the other girls over as well as the other children they had kidnapped and were using for their own ends.

Speaking about the film through Variety, Uma Thurman said:

"This is a film that had to get made," Thurman said. "It's beyond me that in this day and age the exploitation of child soldiers goes virtually unnoticed and unchecked by Western media."

Well I don't think that's strictly true, there are books and films out there if you want to see them, even mainstream films such as Tears of the Sun (Filmstalker review) with Bruce Willis touches on the whole idea of conflict and Africa and child soldiers or Hotel Rwanda also touched on the problems of war in Africa.

However in mainstream Hollywood it's not been taken up as a topic too many times and it will be interesting to see this new Uma Thurman take the film forward and try and deliver something more educational for a more mainstream audience.



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