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Timberlake in Ritchie's Guys and Dolls?

GuysandDolls.jpgFirst up, please put your gossip tainted ridiculous glasses on and treat this "story" with the respect it deserves, for it's hard enough to believe that Guy Ritchie is seriously considering a remake of the classic musical Guys and Dolls, much less the cast that the gossip papers have been talking about.

However there's a new totally unsubstantiated rumour from one of these "sources" through a gossip paper that is rather amusing and I could resist quoting, even if I don't believe a word of it.

The wild rumour is that Justin Timberlake has promised Guy Ritchie that he'll star in his remake of Guys and Dolls.

We previously heard that Jason Statham was being talked about as taking the Marlon Brando role from the 1955 musical film, and while that sounded crazy I could hardly believe that Ritchie would be directing the remake at all.

I did theorise at the time that this was overheard during a drinking session that involved the two who were having a pint and a laugh and wondering what they both could do together that would be totally off the wall. Few beers, loudly joking, and some waiter/waitress overhearing them and taking it straight to the press.

Funnily enough that story came from the same source as this wild and insane rumour through Marie Claire, the tabloid paper The Sun.

Now that's a paper well known for rumours and gossip mongering galore and relies on the "sources" stories, so I really would take this whole crazy idea as rubbish until we hear something from someone a bit more concrete.

I mean even if Ritchie were considering making the film, the comments surrounding the discussion sound as offhand and drunken as the ones between Statham and Ritchie:

"Justin Timberlake has promised Guy Ritchie he'll star in his next movie - over a pint at the director's Punch Bowl pub in Mayfair."

Come on, I'm sure you'll agree that this sounds like they were having a drink and a laugh and just dropped it in for a joke. Perhaps Timberlake had heard the bizarre rumour and they were joking about it too, who knows. However it does sound ridiculous, although he could fit the part that Frank Sinatra once played.

However, dose of reality time. While writing this story I managed to track down the original Sun article and it doesn't state anywhere that they talked about the Guys and Dolls project, yes the "source" says he would be good for it, but nowhere does it say they talked about this role.

In fact the article says that they talked about his upcoming projects and that Timberlake and Ritchie shook hands over the discussion, so it could have been any role, who knows.

Speculation and sources are a great thing, and please note that both these sources are firmly footed in the printed market.

Still, the source reckons that they could be collaborating on something as there's a lot of good feeling between the two.

"Guy rates Justin as an actor. He thought he was impressive in Alpha Dog. He likes his personality."

Well there you go. If Statham can sing as well as Brando then he might have just accidentally through kidding around found the new cast.

Better watch out because before he knows it someone is going to offer to fund the project out of nothing more than gossip and joking!



Expanding his range then.
"Can't dance, can't sing, can't act a little" ;-)


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