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Titanic in 3-D

JamesCameron.jpgMore 3-D madness is coming your way. This time one of the highest grossing films ever, is being turned into a 3-D film.

Yes, you will be able to watch Kate, Leo and the Titanic in glorious 3-D.

Titanic broke box office records when it was released in 1997. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as a love struck pair, trying to survive the sinking of the Titanic. Throw in some Celine Dion, and film history was made.

Now though, James Cameron says that he is dimensionalizing Titanic. Taking the film he made, and turning it into a 3-D film. He says that he has already converted some of the film to 3-D, and it is looking great. Jo Blo says it will take at least another year to do the rest.

It seems a strange choice of film to make into 3-D, given Cameron's back catalogue. And hasn't just about everyone who wants to, already seen the film? Will 3-D be enough to get people returning to the cinema to see it? There will obviously be parts of the film, which could look stunning in 3-D. But the vast majority of it, is Jack and Rose swooning over each other.

I have only seen one film in 3-D recently, Ice Age 3, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I think 3-D definitely has a place in those kind of films. But I can't imagine sitting watching Leo and Kate for nearly three hours in 3-D. Mind you, I barely made it through the film first time around.

Would you like to see Titanic in 3-D? Would it add anything new for you? Does the whole 3-D thing interest you at all?



i'm thinking the drawing scene could work out really well. Seeing Kate in 3d in all her glory is a dream come true...

...sorry. mind in gutter.

I'm kinda of your mind, that this movie is a bit long to done the glasses and strain the eyes for. Maybe if i wanted to see the titanic in 3d i'd watch that imax film where they dove and discovered the wreck which was done in 3d from years ago. I think Cameron actually directed that one too.

It was awful enough in 2d. I don't think adding an extra dimension will help.

Heh, I don't think you'll be the only one thinking that! The 3-D Imax film would be a better watch, much better than sitting through Titanic again!

Dave I fully agree. Amazing that it made so much, when it was so bad. It's been parodied so much, you wonder how popular it would be now.

I just don't think its strong enough to hold up in 3D, worlds highest grossing flick, yes. Worlds best? No. Heck it's not even Camerons best! Much rather see Aliens in 3D, or Terminator 2.

He needs to make his choices with his back catalogue a bit more carefully!

There's no way it would work in 3D, you know why? They haven't thrown enough stuff at the camera during the film!

An Aliens film in 3D would be good, but again, it's all about throwing things at the screen. What's the point in the story telling of having it 3D?

I have to say even though it was only Ice Age 3 I saw, the throwing things at the screen was only a small part. There were parts that were made just to show off the 3-D, but just the 3-D aspect alone when nothing much was happening did look quite good.

I'd still rather pull my own fingernails off than watch Titanic for 3 hours in 3-D though.

I think he should downgrade it to 1-D.

Actually the last film I watched in 3D was Jaws3D back in 1983. My daughter was very impressed with Hannah Montana 3D recently- "unfortunately" I missed that one.


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