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T.J. Hooker the film?

TJHooker.jpgSome shocking news today that hardly makes any sense, and I'm still reeling from the possibility, but apparently T.J. Hooker is going to be adapted for the big screen.

My first reaction is what's different? A film about an older cop mentoring a younger generation? Haven't we seen the announcement of far too many eighties television shows that have never made it to film? Do we really need a T.J. Hooker film?

Apparently we do, and Chuck Russell, the director of The Scorpion King and The Mask, is in talks to direct it from a Brent Maddock and S.S. Wilson script according to Variety. That's the worst part because the writers also were behind Wild Wild West and Ghost Dad, but then they did write the original Tremors, Short Circuit and Batteries not Included, so there's actually a lot of positives there too.

The story is going to concentrate on T.J. Hooker's relationship with his father which then begs the question what is it going to offer the film audience that connects it to the original television series and is offering something different from other cop films?

I don't think that much really. If we're following a policeman and his relationship with his father it sounds two a penny. Whereas the angle of the older cop mentoring the younger ones and passing on his wisdom sounds a little bit more interesting don't you think?

The Aaron Spelling television series of T.J. Hooker was good fun though, and it had William Shatner in the lead role with Adrian Zmed, Heather Locklear, Richard Herd and James Darren co-starring. No one has been cast for the film as yet, and I wouldn't really expect that to move forward until the director is on board.

Ryan Heppe, one of the producers of the film version, said of the series:

"The series was the poster child for cop TV shows in the 1980s with great stunts, so we think there's a fun movie to be made from it…"

I don't know, I still think the attraction of the piece was the older cop playing off the younger ones and not anything else. I'm wondering if this might just turn into another cop film.



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