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Tron Legacy director's Oblivion

Oblivion.jpgThe director of the hugely anticipated Tron Legacy is to bring to life the first film project he started when he became a director some four years ago. Not only is he making it into a film but also a graphic novel.

The production company behind the dual deal is involved in a number of deals that tie in films and graphic novels, and Oblivion sounds like it could be a strong story for both media.

Joseph Kosinski, director of Tron Legacy, first wrote the fifteen page treatment some four years ago, but it wasn't until quite recently that the interest grew in it, and now David Fincher is one of the producers on board to help get it made, and now the story is sitting at a twenty-five page treatment and the process of finding a writer is close to completion.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter Kosinski said of the graphic novel:

"It's going to be hardcover, and the art is going to be in a horizontal landscape format. It's going to be in a widescreen 2.4:1 ratio. It'll look like scenes captured out of a film; everything will be set up in a film-like composition from the get-go. It's a cinematic property."

He also tells us much more about the plot for both the novel and the film:

"It's a love story that is set against this post-apocalyptic landscape. It's about a soldier who's been court-martialed and as part of his punishment, he's sent to patrol this planet and maintains a fleet of droids and probes that comb the surface, searching out this primitive alien race that's been defeated. It's a crap assignment.

One day, a ship crash lands and there's one surviving crewmember, a woman, who left on a science mission 60 years earlier. When she wakes up, she knows who he is, which doesn't make any sense to him and together they have to unravel this mystery. It's in the same realm as 12 Monkeys."

Now that does sound interesting, the original blurb I'd seen online didn't really excite me, but the idea that this woman from the past knows him and that he mentions 12 Monkeys is raising my interest. Could be one to watch out for.

You know what though, with Tron Legacy and Oblivion, where does his helming of the Logan's Run remake stand? It was back in August of 2007 we heard about that. Is it still happening?



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