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Update: Tron Legacy trailer from last year online in HD

TronLegacy.jpgThis is clearly an abject lesson in how not to release your trailer for your film. Do not show it, have it leaked everywhere on the Internet and then sit back for a year before showing it again. What they should have done for the Tron Legacy trailer is released it as soon as possible on the Internet in high definition and rode the wave of excitement.

Now there's a problem with the trailer, it lacks any impact. It's merely confirming what we've already seen and giving us a few little nuances we didn't catch before.

I'm not saying it's a disappointment, it just lacks the impact and, yes, actually I am going to say it's disappointing. I sat down all excited, just to watch the same trailer that I broke on the Internet a day shy of a year ago.

Couldn't they have added anything? Or just released it back then?

No matter here it is. What do you think of it? It's still looking really good and promising a hell of a lot, and with the new talk it looks like Jeff Bridges' character could be going either way in Tron Legacy.

Oh, and although I picked this direct from TrailerAddict's feed, I have to say thanks to RowThree who sent me off to sleep with a tweet about the trailer being online but I just decided to sleep instead!

Update: If you want to see it in high definition, you can head over to Yahoo Movies [Flash:480p:720p:1080p] who have just posted it live.



Now that is a perfect trailer!


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