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Tron sequel script reviewed

Tron.jpgThe script for the TRON sequel, we think called TRON 2 or TRON 2.0. thankfully no longer TR2N, has been reviewed. However right up front I'll let you know that the script appears to be a very early draft and should be rather different to the one we finally see on screen.

However there are some interesting reveals to be had and we learn a few things about the planned story, and despite how many different writers have been rewriting this since, many major threads will remain the same. So read on for the review.

Be aware though that there are some big spoilers in the review itself and it could have an adverse affect on your viewing pleasure, whenever and if the film ever does come to the big screen, so let me take some key points for discussion that shouldn't spoil things too much.

The main thing to remember is that this script review from CC2K through AICN is, by their own admission, based on an old script. Their draft is entirely credited to Richard Jeffries however we know that another draft has had Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz working on it and that there have been discussions of major changes from this script, particularly the change of lead character.

So this review is based on an old script and it could have been heavily improved by then. However the review kicks off pointing out that they seem to have dropped some of the clever ideas of the first film in order to go for more Hollywood.

The reviewer says that there's a lack of technical literacy and intelligence, the subtlety of religious themes and real world and digital world interactions have faded, and it hasn't evolved from the original as time should have allowed.

Of course there's far more detail in the actual script review, but I'll leave that to you to work through if you want to, for there are a lot more detail and huge plot and character reveals. The overview though is that Tron 2 a typical sequel, and in that mind that probably means it's not as good.

"A look at an early draft of Tron 2 reveals a script filled with problems and potential.

It's a sequel in the Die Hard 2 sense of the term. Meaning, it's less a pure continuation of the original narrative – like The Empire Strikes Back – and more a dutiful remake told on a larger scale and with a bigger budget. You know, like most sequels."

Oh dear, in the Die Hard 2 sense of the word that's not very good at all in comparison and some of the comments about characters in the digital world surfing on waves of data (that's data surfing if you're not getting it, Hollywood likes to make things complex) and memory leaks shown as green sludge, just seem a little cheesy and ill thought through.

However remember it's the first draft and I really hope it isn't as bad as some of this makes out, especially as I still remember the day I broke the TRON 2 trailer way back in July of 2008, and looking back on it now it still looks fantastic. I do hope they can live up to the original and not Hollywood-ise it too much.

Here's that trailer I got back then and managed to chase round the world as it was shut down site by site and copy by copy.



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