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Tron sequel title, pictures and footage online

TronLegacy.jpgTr2n, Tron 2.0, Tron 2. The new Tron film has been called every single one of these. Now though it has a new title, and to add to it there's some brand new pictures from Comic-Con of that redesigned light-cycle in model form and in the film.

There are also shots of other vehicles and the virtual world itself, as well as some video of the light-cycle being revealed. All good stuff, but when are we getting the trailer?

The new title for the film is Tron Legacy, nothing special there, but I think it's far better than the usual numbered sequel and it shows that there's a lot of distance between this and the old Tron, although there's still some legacy code in there.

MTV have a breakdown of some of the footage and discussion from the Comic-Con panel, and there's some interesting things there.

The Disc Wars will return, but they'll function like a physical manifestation of a tournament bracket with all of the battles happening at the same time. The high-tech floor of the Disc Wars game board will adjust each time a competitor is eliminated so the winner will have to play his next opponent until only two combatants remain...

...the Light Cycles, will also return, although they will have gone through several generations. Images were shown of the fifth generation cycle, though Kosinski said there will be a part of the movie that travels back in time to the '80s. There we'll see the second generation of the light cycle, which is alleged to be the fastest thing on the grid.

So we'll be going back to the old light-cycles too, superb, but looking at the photos that ComicBookMovie have it looks like it's all the new stuff, as well as some four wheeled vehicles, have I got that right or is it just a different generation of light-cycle? Not only that but there are shots of the world, concept art, and another recognisable vehicle.

If you don't want to look at the photos, say thanks to SynaMax who took them and made a nice little animated sequence to give it a little drive.

Here's the light-cycle from Tron Legacy for you to oggle at in all it's lit up, real life glory. Just wish they had turned down the music a little and given us some footage of it in action.



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