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Unstoppable unstoppable after all?

DenzelWashington.jpgUnstoppable was to reunite Tony Scott with Denzel Washington. The premise being a runaway train that is packed full of a toxic cargo.

Things ground to a halt the other week though, due to the studio wanting the budget slashed. Washington left the project, but it looks like he is back on board though. Next stop filming?

Tony Scott is to direct Denzel Washington and Chris Pine in Unstoppable. Washington will play a veteran engineer who jumps on board a runaway train, with a young conductor (Pine). The train in question is full of a toxic cargo of some kind.

At the end of last month though, things were looking a little shaky. The studio wanted to cut the budget, which meant pay cuts for Scott and Washington. Washington was none too enamoured with this, and started looking around for other projects. The press rounds for The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, seem to have done some good though. Variety say Scott and Washington have been talking over the script during that time. And also that Washington's people have talked to Fox's people, and they have agreed a deal.

So it looks like it is full steam ahead for Unstoppable after all.



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