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Vegas Avengers hi-tech Top Gun

TopGun.jpgThere's a piece of news today about a new script called Vegas Avengers that is about to start the long road to film, and reading the story I can't help but thinking this is a modernised Top Gun.

Of course it all depends on how the latter half of the story spins the tale around, but so far it's sounding like the lead character could be mirroring that famous Tom Cruise character.

Vegas Avengers is written by Soo Hugh and the light blurb does sound like it could be easily compared to Top Gun, although there's a hint of something more and it's not just in the modernising of the story to include the latest and greatest aircraft.

The idea for the story, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is that a hot shot pilot is punished for taking far too many risks, and grounded to fly experimental unmanned planes in the Nellis Air Force base outside Las Vegas.

You can see the comparisons there with Top Gun, and possibly there's a shot at redemption for the character that could involve him getting back in the cockpit when no one else could, or something similar.

However it does sound an interesting set-up, I just wonder if there's going to be tons of naked men playing volleyball at the base.



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