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View-Master film!

ViewMaster.jpgWe're hearing that Hollywood is set to remake another eighties toy, no they aren't only going after videogames, this one's something completely different, it's going to be a story about View-Master.

Yes, View-Master is set to be the next big thing for the film merchandising people, and the script is set to be written really soon. What form the script will take is a good guess, but the writer has revealed what it's all about.

Brad Caleb Kane, who co-produced and co-wrote Fringe and is currently writing Uprising for Wolfgang Petersen, revealed that this will be his next script. Here's what he had to say on his Twitter account when he played a quiz with his followers:

" Almost official -- after the alien movie I'll be writing a movie for D'works based on a famous toy we all played w/ as kids. Any guesses?"

"Clue: it's a "classic" toy in the vein of etch-a-sketch and barbie. Been around since the 40s or fiddys."

"Clue: not a game. Just a toy. Requires ur eyes."

"Clue: you look into it"

"Someone got it!"


"Writin it for the Kurtzman/Orci boys! It'll be like the old 80's Amblin movies: Goonies, Young Sherlock... In that vein."

Greekgeek.de carried the story from Brad Caleb Kane's twitter account which I found through Coming Soon. You can read more about the View-Master over at Wikipedia, if you don't know about it already and the image hasn't sparked your memory.

So it's going to be an old action/adventure type film that will tie in the kids. How is that going to work and how is it really going to make a feature of the View-Master? Doesn't sound like there's going to be a lot more than the item featured as part of a clue on a quest or as the prize itself, maybe as the map to find the treasure, who knows.

Right now it's just another crazy merchandising tie-in that Hollywood has thought up in order to try and sell View-Masters and film related goodies.



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