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Whiteout new trailer online

Whiteout.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Whiteout and it looks completely unforgiving with some new footage that really sets the tone for the film. Oh and we have to see Kate Beckinsale in the shower don't we?

That aside there's some great action sequences, and there's plenty that seems to be set-up rather than revealed, all in all Whiteout looks like a great film from the trailer.

As you'll no doubt remember, the story is adapted from the comic book and sees a U.S. Marshall heading in a remote post in Antarctica trying to investigate a murder before winter sets in. Luckily we get a bit more than that now with the new blurb along with the new trailer from IGN.

The Marshall, played by Kate Beckinsale, has been stationed there for two years and has handed in her resignation and will be due out on the last plane of the season. Not so it would seem as she gets pulled into the first murder investigation in Antarctica, and it's only the first.

Around her people are leaving before the six months of darkness arrives, the number of killings is rising, and the killer is desperate to cover up a mystery buried there for over sixty years.

The beautiful Beckinsale is joined by Gabriel Macht, Alex O'Loughlin, Tom Skerritt and Columbus Short.

This trailer for Whiteout certainly makes the film look like it could do the business. A strong thriller?



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