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Wicker Tree filming in Edinburgh

CowboysforChrist.jpgThe film formerly known as Cowboys for Christ is now filming in Edinburgh according to reports, so it's well underway.

The Wicker Tree, described by the the director of both this and the original film Robin Hardy as the companion to the first film, had previously been called Cowboys for Christ and was struggling for funding, so much so that just before it was due to start filming it pulled out. Not so now.

Now we're hearing that the filming has moved onto Edinburgh, and that means this weekend I'm going to be keeping my eyes open for unit signs around the Pentlands, Penicuik and Haddington, and hopefully I can get a glimpse of some filming. Chances are though it'll be weekdays only.

Previously Robin Hardy revealed the story for The Wicker Tree aka Cowboys for Christ:

"There is a tradition among 10 or 15 little towns on the borders in Scotland…where once a year, usually around the summer solstice, they elect a young man - the brightest and the best-looking, and the cleverest, I suppose - and he appears in the centre of the town on his horse, with outriders, and he's had a lovely party the evening before with all the prettiest girls, and he then rides out of town, and everyone who has a horse or a pony or a carthorse rides after him.

[What happens next?] Well, that's the point. What they do is they have a lovely picnic. Not so in my book..."

It certainly sounds like it could be a little nasty in the end, but at least they're going to get a good send off!

At least the film is moving forward, and with more than an announcement of funding they've now been filming in the Borders and this week they're filming around Edinburgh, according to The Scotsman through HorrorMovies.ca, so it's definitely happening.

I'm keeping an open mind about the film considering it's from Robin Hardy the original director and that it's being sold as a "companion piece", however that comment still makes me think of smoke and mirrors and that this is just as much a remake as anything else labelled as "not a remake" just now!



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