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Winstone in first British 3D Horror

JamieWinstone.jpgJamie Winstone is set to star in another British horror film, and this one is apparently set to make history by becoming the first British horror film to be shot in 3D.

Ryan Andrews, who wrote and directed the short comedy Making of a Featurette, is set to direct the film which is called Elfie and the Gammons.

The film will be filmed and located in Wales and is set to start filming this winter should the final financial deal be completed on time.

Jamie Winstone is set to play the lead of Elfie Hopkins, a bit of a misfit teenager who plays private eye around her home town, however the local residents just think she's a bit of a pest.

It's about then that a family move in called the Gammons, a charismatic family who seem more than a little suspicious to Elfie and so she's hot on the case.

Ryan Andrews said of the film through Screen Daily that the film is a...

“...quirky horror and an eclectic mix of comic book characters, British pop culture and fantasy setting in an unusual and twisted world”

Meanwhile, Steve Matthews of the production company Size 9, said of the move to 3D that...

“It’s incredibly exciting to be working at the forefront of the new 3D technology which doesn’t have to be the preserve of the big budget movies. 3D is perfect for Ryan’s dark fairy tale vision.”

Well I'm not sure, I am always sceptical of the use of 3D especially in horror, it's more a gimmick that is far from being integral in the story and is more a selling point. Let's have more axes flying at the camera, blood spraying towards the audience, and so on.

Jamie Winstone playing a misfit teenage detective? Well it might have that quirky aspect that would make it stand out from the British horror, comedy or not, that is becoming a little bit of the norm.

What do you think? Sound interesting?



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