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Wiseman making Shrapnel

LenWiseman.jpgLen Wiseman has picked up the rights to a graphic novel on the day it was released to adapt and direct it into a film.

He was apparently browsing a comic store on the day that Shrapnel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) was released and started the process of buying the rights immediately.

Shrapnel is set in a universe where humans have managed to colonise the solar system and formed an alliance to govern all the planets together. On Venus there's one last holdout of humans not in the alliance, a former Marine who has left the alliance and society to build up a rebel army, teaching the colonists on Venus how to fight back.

What's interesting is the scale of this project according to The Hollywood Reporter, and I'm really not sure how it's going be made without a huge budget and tons of effects, especially since the film looks set to be live-action and the idea of making it 3D is being considered. That means a huge budget, or a cheaper one with a standard 3D approach and plenty of things flying at the camera.

This project feels very similar to Gears of War, which Len Wiseman is also attached to direct, and I would think if the first one of these two fails then the other will be held up because both need a similar budget and carry a similar feel.



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