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Wolf Man and Repossession Mambo in trouble?

WolfMan.jpgThe Wolf Man and The Repossession Mambo look to be in a little bit of trouble over at the studio as The Wolf Man has had another release date change, this being the third, and Repossession Mambo is moved out to an as yet undecided date in the fourth quarter.

Scheduling changes have come out from Universal and have announced that Mambo has had a name change and been sent off to sometime at the end of next year, and The Wolf Man is struggling with reshoots and effects additions.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, with a much more readable and understandable style than the pigeon English of the Variety update, The Wolf Man delay was because of the amount of visual effects work that is required which is set to keep going into Autumn. Without these scenes it would appear that several key sequences wouldn't be available for the marketing campaign, despite a trailer coming for the film in August 21st.

So that's interesting. Are they saying that there are not enough good scenes in the film to make a marketing campaign? Or is it the fact that the studio want to market this more as an action film with these big fight sequences in it because it's a bit too slow and more thriller/drama-esque?

I think it sounds more like they're trying to re-badge the film as an action film rather than a thriller/drama which perhaps it was before, and that's why the marketing campaign can't continue, and that doesn't smell so good for The Wolf Man. It's not so much the change of date, but the change of direction for a film that's already completed.

By the way, that's the fourth change in date for the film, not so good for a film that has such a strong writer/director combination and a diverse and interesting cast.

The Repossession Mambo is now known as Repo Men and is heading for a fourth quarter release, somewhere in the end of the year and that realistically is a placeholder which might well mean that it could head out to the following year, and that's bad news from a film that sports a cast list as interesting as The Wolf Man.

Another interesting aspect of the write ups about releases is that Nottingham, the Russell Crowe Robin Hood film from Ridley Scott, looks like it'll be re-titled as in the Variety article it's referred to as:

"…the untitled Robin Hood actioner with Russell Crowe…"

So I'd expect that name to change and the film to be very much an action film, although The Hollywood Reporter refers to it as an adventure film. Make up your minds!



Where are you getting your info? According to Variety, Repossession Mambo will be released in the FIRST QUARTER of 2010, not the fourth.

http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118006614.html?categoryid=13&cs= 1
A yet-to-be-chosen first quarter slot for the action thriller "Repo Men," formerly known as "Repossession Mambo," with Jude Law and Forest Whitaker.

You're right, well done, it was the first quarter of 2010 not the fourth, misreading of The Hollywood Reporter article.

Let's see what happens to it when we get closer to that date.


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