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Wolf Man reshoots for more action?

WolfMan.jpgNow reshoots aren't that uncommon, but when they happen on a big film that many are excited about seeing, a film that much was expected of, then people start getting concerned.

So is it time that we should be getting concerned about the remake of Wolf Man from director Joe Johnston starring Benecio del Toro? Considering that they are now reshooting action scenes to make them more action packed, I wonder if Wolf Man is slipping in people's estimation?

Wolf Man is a remake of the 1941 original starring Lon Chaney Jr. starring Benecio del Toro and with Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving and Geraldine Chaplin. It's a strong line up, and by most accounts to date it's a strong film. Until the reshoot rumours begin.

Of course the story from The Daily Mail through /Film and The Playlist may be complete rubbish, remember the Kate Beckinsale story, and with me being in Britain, I'd quite happily point out that many of these papers we hear the rumours from are pretty much filled with gossip day to day.

Reading through the original story there's a possibility that this story might just be rubbish as well, not that it didn't happen but that it isn't that important.

While the story seems to suggest that the film is delayed while they head back to reshoot some main action sequences between the Wolf Man and the werewolf to make them look scarier and more action packed, the original story could be read slightly differently.

It seems that the reshoot could have happened some time ago, although the writer of the article does attack the film somewhat, writing it off completely before even seeing a single frame.

'The Wolf was on its heels and it looked daft,' an actor involved in the movie told me...

...Film-makers spent six weeks shooting new scenes which saw a tougher, fiercer creature bounding around - and ready to attack on all fours.

Shooting the additional scenes involved director Joe Johnston, although the bulk of the work was done by Vic Armstong...

...Vic came up with a great confrontation between the Wolf Man and the Werewolf. They really go after each other and it's dramatic and exciting, whereas the stuff they shot first time round was limp...

...'The two stunt guys inside the costumes were exhausted, as Vic just had them doing the scene again and again until he was happy', one of the crew who worked on the film at Pinewood Studios told me.

Now to me that sounds like it could easily have been a little while ago and that the reshoots were for the better. However the story pounces on the fact that the actors weren't necessarily readily available for the shooting as they were on other films, so the shooting was done in other countries on other sets.

I'm not defending the film, I'm just trying to take the middle ground instead of leaping all over it and shouting about how the reshoots must mean that the film is terrible. Imagine that, shooting hours of footage and making a mistake or two in some of them and having to reshoot them. It happens all the time.

That aside, we've been waiting for Wolf Man for some time, are you still as excited? What do you think of the news of reshoots on this film and indeed any?

Remember that the bootleg teaser is still available, and has been since I broke it's Internet release, I'll drop it in below for you all again. It might pass the time until they get the trailer finished.



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