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Worthington's next big role

SamWorthington.jpgSam Worthington is really making a name for himself, Terminator Salvation, Avatar and Clash of the Titans are all elevating him upwards from his humble roots as a bricklayer, and now he's set to lead a remake of a Danish thriller.

The plot sounds very Hitchcock in its set-up, and has a little bit of intrigue about it from the beginning, and it does suggest that this could be a great move for the actor.

Kandidaten, The Candidate, tells the story of an aspiring lawyer who wakes up in a hotel room with vague memories of the night before and a mysterious woman he met who just so happens to be dead in the hotel bathroom.

Next thing is he's being threatened with blackmail and there's something more, a conspiracy that seems to lead back to his own father's mysterious death.

I don't know about you, but that summary from the Screen Daily story sounds positively superb.

Sam Worthington is set to play the lawyer, a role that Nikolaj Lie Kaas played in the original from director Kasper Barfoed and writer Stefan Jaworski, with Beau Willimon adapting. I'm already hooked by that short blurb, come on Hollywood, try and ruin that.



Sounds really good. He seems to be making some good choices!


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