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2012 Japanese trailer and viral campaign

2012-Still.jpg2012 is coming, and with it comes a new Japanese trailer and a viral campaign that looks set to confuse as well as scare the uneducated audience.

The new trailer is superb and has plenty more footage, tons of it in fact, as well as a lot more about the Deep Impact-esque plot thread. Of course here it looks like we really are going to see everything destroyed. Nice.

I think though they are trying to say a few decent things in 2012 too, and you can see some of them in the trailer, about the value of human life and fighting for it. Yes, but there's value in all life, but it's still a good point coming through the trailer, it's not all about the destruction of the planet.

Here's the new trailer for you, which Quiet Earth alerted me to it last night but I went to bed instead. There's plenty of huge effects sequences as well as more of the story:

I love the Japanese subtitles at the start of the trailer, the way they're lined up is

Also there's this new viral site for the film, and it's going to be causing a fair bit of confusion. First up the fact that it opens saying the world will end and it's scientifically proven. Well for people who don't understand science this will scare them to death probably, for those who do, and those who vehemently oppose it, will probably not be scared by it at all, but it's a cool viral none the less.

The other issue is that they talk about the IHC organisation, and I saw this on the video site and typed it straight into my browser ending up on a real medical site! Ooops, the actual viral film site is www.instituteforhumancontinuity.org which is very close to the real site which is intermountainhealthcare.org, this official medical site is reached by www.ihc.com!

Anyway, enough of that, here's the little teaser viral as well for you.

Scared? End of the world? Hardly. So the Mayans wrote a calendar that ran out? Just pick up a diary and you'll see we've only got two years, this and next!



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