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9 cast interviews, behind the scenes and sneak peak footage

9.jpgMore footage for you with interviews with a few of the cast of 9, the upcoming animated film from Shane Acker, as well as some behind the scenes footage from the film. What you say? It's animation? That's what I thought!

9 tells the story of a group of very special rag dolls who stand alone on a devastated Earth and are trying to escape some unusual creatures who are out to destroy them. One of them, 9, might just be humankind's last hope.

First up some interviews from the cast. I had hoped for the entire cast, but no such luck. Here's what I could get you from 9.

Shane Acker – Director

Elijah Wood - 9

Jennifer Connelly – 7

Crispin Glover – 6

Martin Landau – 2

Tim Burton – Producer

Timur Bekmambetov – Producer

Jim Lemley – Producer

Then there's some behind the scenes footage. Yeah, I was confused too, but it's fascinating to watch, especially Jennifer Connelly!

Finally, there's a four minute sneak peak trailer with tons of new footage and an explanation of every single of the rag doll characters. Frankly Mr Wood, this does look incredible.



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