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A Lego film?

Lego.jpgI really do struggle with this one, a film about a Lego world is in development. Oh yes, it really is going to happen, well unless the whole toys being turned into films fad gets binned by Hollywood, i.e. at the first whiff of a failed film.

In the meantime though the ludicrous idea is moving forward with Dan and Kevin Hageman writing the script for a family comedy that will mix live action and animation.

The idea seems to be, despite the plot being kept secret, that it will be an action adventure film set in a Lego world.

Now does that mean it's all Lego? Well the appearance of live action would suggest not. Perhaps something akin to Small Soldiers but with Lego? Or maybe people visiting a Lego village somewhere (there are a good few around the world) and being sucked down into the Lego village and finding out it's all real.

Do any of those ideas even hint at something decent? Well according to Variety through Coming Soon Warner Brothers have the idea and they are developing the script.

Roy Lee and Vertigo are producing, and they've had a string of hits, particularly with adapting Asian films for western audiences, along with Dan Lin of Lin Pictures who are also hard at work bringing a Tom and Jerry film to live, again mixing live action and animation, never mind the mix of other films from animation to science fiction, and a fair few other big names on his production list.

Lego are apparently very protective of their branding, and several attempts have already been made at films from their toys, however it was this pitch that got them and according to Dan Lin it's down to...

”...a fun factor, creativity and that imagination has no boundaries...”

Amazingly the report tells us that the film has already been in development for a year, and there's a strange justification included for the film, excuse the English, this is from Variety after all.

Decision to move forward with a Lego movie follows the recent success of "G.I. Joe," which opened in the top spot at the box office over the weekend for Paramount, which also scored this summer with "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." Both pics are based on Hasbro action figures.

Well those are both action films and they are based on action figure toy ranges, can you really class Lego as an action figure in the same right? Not when we're talking about bringing it to life leading an action adventure film, not the same league, especially when it's being sold up front as a kids film.

I don't hold out much hope really.



i'll tell you what would be awesome. Live action adventurers wander into lego camp and intermingle with the local populace.

the populace respond by "playing" with the.

by playing, i of course mean dismembering them and trying to re assemble them in comical ways.

can't miss.

Now that's a Lego film I'd love to see. Lego the Revenge!


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