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Afterschool trailer online

Afterschool.jpgAlthough I'd heard from Afterschool a few times through the usual publicity channels, it wasn't until today that I actually watched the trailer for the film. Confusing, arty and disjointed I would say of it, and yet the word is that the film itself is thought provoking and intelligent.

The film is the story of a preparatory school student who accidentally captures the death of two classmates and sparks the school to open a video memorial project as part of a scheme to promote a campus-wide grief and healing process. However what it actually begins is a period of paranoia and unease amongst the students and teachers.

The trailer for Afterschool is incredibly strange, and perhaps is part of the project itself, hence many of the strange cuts and sequences, but it does start to take a strange turn later on and you might wonder if this is showing something more than a healing process.

Antonio Campos is the writer and director, and I really don't know that much about him, the cast or the film, so I'm going to leave it to the trailer and to the readers to tell everyone more about it.



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