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Altered Carbon film still on?

AlteredCarbon.jpgBack in September of 2007 we heard the pre-writer's strike memo included James McTeigue adapting the superb Richard Morgan novel Altered Carbon, but we've not heard much more about it, until now.

While James McTiegue was talking about his Edgar Allan Poe film, he touched on his hopes to adapt the excellent Richard Morgan novel Altered Carbon (Play / Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), a science fiction film noir type story that begins the excellent story of Takeshi Kovacs stories, a series that I really hope Morgan returns to time and time again.

In Altered Carbon, Richard Morgan creates a rich science fiction world that tells the story of a Takeshi Kovacs, a specially trained Envoy soldier who is investigating the murder of a rich and prominent person and uncovers a conspiracy on the way.

That sounds standard enough, but when you bring in the exciting idea that people can be resleeved, their minds transferred to new bodies, and only the hugely rich can afford to do this more than once as well as afford expensive, enhanced new bodies, it adds a different perspective onto things.

Honestly, take my word for it, Altered Carbon and the stories of Kovacs are superbly rich, detailed, and imaginative, and carry an excellent film noir feel to them. Recommended reading indeed.

So it was back in 2007 that I got excited when I heard that James McTeigue was set to direct the adaptation of the novel to a film version, Altered Carbon. Mind you, this is all we got:

Studio: WARNER BROS. ALTERED CARBON Director: James McTeigue If you haven't read any of these books and are even the vaguest fan of science fiction you better get reading. I've read all of Richard Morgan's novels and they are excellent, and with James McTeigue filming it I think it might just work out.

Nothing has happened since, it's been extremely quiet, but McTeigue was talking to /Film through JoBlo about his Edgar Allan Poe film The Raven and revealed that he still hopes to make Altered Carbon.

”I still hope to make [Altered Carbon] with Joel [Silver]. There is a really good script that I’ve developed for a while, and I’d love to do that when the time is right, and hopefully that time will be shortly. We’ve started actively talking about that again.”

Apparently it was Ninja Assassin that knocked that film off the radar for him, so I really do hope that it comes back on and he gets a chance to make it because it really is a superb story and I would recommend you read it. Done well, it would make for a brilliant film and series, and I think McTeigue has the style to do it.



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