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Another Battlestar Galactica remake?

OldBattlestarGalactica.jpgI find it hard to believe that this could possibly work out, but the word is that there's another restart of the Battlestar Galactica films on the cards, and this one will return to the previous view of the Cylons and the story.

Two words, bad move. It's obvious. The re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica that we've just witnessed was amazing, and while it had some let downs it did really well and grabbed a huge worldwide audience. Why go back now? How could that possibly make the fans of the new series happy? Even if the reported Bryan Singer is being approached to direct.

Personally I smell disaster all over this. Look at the appeal of the old Battlestar Galactica before this recent restart, it was this recent series that gave life to it again, and the characters, actors, complex modern plots, and the interweaving stories were all what made it great. How the frak is going back to the old series going to be a good thing?

I don't see anything in it apart from cashing in on a new audience. However they'll be mighty disappointed when they see the old series. A robotic dog?

Of course they could rework the original series again, modernise it, do all the things that the latest Battlestar Galactica did again, but make sure it comes out totally differently. Why though? What fan of the latest series is going to accept that? Basically they'll be rewriting it all for film.

Okay, let's look at some positives. The news from Hit Fix through Total Film, which I struggle to believe, is that Bryan Singer is about to be approached to direct it, and that it's going to be a film.

Well we already heard back in February that Universal were working on the film of the original series, but would Bryan Singer even say yes if he was approached? I'm sure he'd take a look at this and wonder why they are ignoring the successful recent series and going back to the original.

What fans want to see are some big budget films from the recent Battlestar Galactica series, even then I'm not sure that they would considering the series has tied itself off nicely.

What do you think? Is there really room for a new Battlestar Galatica film from the old series?



This reboot of the original Battlestar was Singers idea way back before 911, then it got shelved and before it could get dusted off Ronald D Moore came along and blew everyone out of the water, Universal are just asking Singer if he would like to give it another go again.

Yeah, I read that in article, but it I don't think that's a "just", they're still thinking about making a film of the original series, ignoring the new series. Makes no sense.

Well he is actually signed upto it now, good luck to him as he is going to need it.

Yeah, for sure. I just see that the fans made in this new series are going to go for an old series film.

While I found the 2004 remake interesting at first, I quickly found it tiring. It was essentially a soap opera with some sci-fi elemnts. The more I watched the less I liked the serise, and more I hated each and every character. It was simply a depressing show to watch.

As campy as the old show was, it didn't make me contemplate suiced at the end of every episode. If they follow the story of Richard Hatch's serise of novels, modernize it a bit, and get atechnical sdvisor for the military aspects, a new reboot of BSG would be welcome in my view.


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